We work with the biggest luxury brands, shops and designers who want to create their own collection or develop unique, one of a kind products.

We manage all the processing phases from purchasing the leather, quality control right up to delivery and packaging. This way we ensure the complete creation of perfect Made in Italy products. Our techniques are strictly artisan, refined over the years and handed down from worker to worker.

The machines we use to process the leather are the top of the range: we constantly update our methods and techniques on the basis of the requests and ideas we get from designers and we review our processes continuously looking for the best way to enhance all materials. We try to create timeless items that stand the test of trends by using quality materials and classic craftsmanship. All items are made to be beautiful and last, not only in the details that make them stand out but also in regular use in daily wear.

What makes out accessories precious and unique is not only the choice of leather that we select on resistance, beauty and design features, but also the patient craftsmanship that transforms them.